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Carmela Pirillo CPA
Carmela Pirillo CPA
Carmela Pirillo CPA
Meet our knowledgeable and skilled team, a group of friendly professionals dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for you. Highly educated in their respective fields, our team is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. Approachable and helpful, they strive to make your interactions with us not only productive but also enjoyable.
Carmela Pirillo CPA
About Carmela Pirillo CPA

My journey is one that began with a simple passion for numbers, evolving into a robust, full-fledged career spanning over two decades. My story is not defined by the years but by the positive influence I've had on others through my work.

With the experience I've gained, I strive to embody qualities of trust, reliability, and financial insight. I bring not only technical accounting skills but also business acumen and interpersonal skills to the table.

Every client I work with is not just a transaction but a relationship that I value and nurture. My unique approach to accounting goes beyond crunching numbers. I delve deep into my clients' financial realities, understand their needs, and craft strategies to optimize their financial health.

Over the years, I've earned the trust of businesses and individuals alike, becoming a reliable partner. Giving personal attention to each client, my unwavering commitment helps them achieve their financial goals.

Carmela Pirillo
Carmela Pirillo CPA

I count myself lucky to be able to say I love my job. I personally ensure any and all work performed by my team, undergoes my final comprehensive review prior to my approval and sign off.

Beyond the world of tax, I enjoy spending time with my son, and travelling to warmer climates.

Kelly Senior CPA
Kelly : Senior CPA

With many years of experience in both corporate and personal tax, I enjoy working with clients to help them understand their current results and future goals.

When not at my desk, I enjoy reading, camping and doing what I can to help stray/shelter animals!

Michelle : Office Manager

After being in the accounting field for over 10 years, performing bookkeeping and tax return preparation, I realized that I enjoyed bringing efficiencies to the office and moved across to the position of Office Manager.

I am a mother of 3 and enjoy spending time with my family, reading books or shopping!

Twinkle : Senior Accounting Technician

I have over 4 years of experience in accounting and joined Carmela Pirillo CPA in 2021. I have experience in bookkeeping, handling audits & personal and corporate tax filings

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, watching movies and shopping. I also love to spend quality time with my family.

What People Say About Us!

Carmela Pirillo is an amazing support for my business. She has answered all my questions promptly and effectively, advised me on numerous occasions about aspects of my business I did not know about, and makes sure that I am on top of all my accounting tasks, including invoicing, staff payroll, and taxes! I am so lucky to be in good hands, so I can do what I do best!

Tiziana K - Tutor

Carmela has been doing my business taxes as well as my family’s personal taxes with great care and service. She provides an open communication with her clients which allows for any and every question you wish to ask to be answered quickly and simply. We have received excellent results and she makes the whole “tax” thing less painful. Thank you Carmela for your professionalism and care.

Nancy R - Therapist

Carmela is very sensitive to all my concerns with regards to my portfolio. Her accuracy gives me confidence. Her trusted skill allows me to run my business with ease knowing that she is taking care of detail that I would have to otherwise. Her follow up skills alongside with her friendly demeanor are simply added bonuses. Carmela is a leader in her field

Gloria F - Realtor

If you’re self-employed like me, you understand it’s more efficient to focus on what you do best- and delegate the rest! Carmela allows me to concentrate on building my business and not get stuck with time consuming accounting tasks. I also feel good about referring her to MY clients, as her softer, gentler approach makes the process much less intimidating & stressful. It’s nice to have someone I can trust!

Alex P - Mortage Broker

Carmela made the process easy from the beginning. She made communicating my thoughts and ideas to her effortless and made sure I knew exactly what I was doing going forward. At first, a confusing topic for me, I left feeling like I had a better understanding of how to operate my business and paperwork moving forward.

Mitch D - Amazon Seller

We’re so glad we found Carmela Pirillo to help us out with our Amazon eCommerce Business. As a new seller, we found business finances, taxes and bookkeeping to be very overwhelming but Carmela helped us at every stage of our growing business – from the time we were just operating as a Sole Proprietor to our transition into a Corporation. She brings a wealth of knowledge on many aspects of our business from business set up, tax planning and beyond. It’s clear that Carmela and her team of professionals have really taken the time to learn the ins and outs of Amazon selling so that they can serve their clients best. I highly recommend working with them!

Chris & Laisie - Amazon Seller

If you are looking for an accountant specializing in the Amazon business, I would highly recommend Carmela. Carmela knows the ins and out of Amazon accounting. I know that If I get an audit, I can count on her to sort it out. One of the reasons why I chose her over other accountants is because she is so genuine in wanting to help and answer my newbie questions when I was starting. She is very accommodating, and her staff is always on top of everything. Lastly, I like that everything can be done remotely!

S. Marcinek - Amazon Seller

Carmela and her team have been helping me with my Amazon business taxes since 2020. Carmela is warm, very knowledgeable, and extremely Professional. Her expertise have saved me countless hours and lots of frustration. I would recommend her services to anyone with an online business

S. Anderson - Contractor


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