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Carmela Pirillo CPA
Carmela Pirillo CPA
Carmela Pirillo CPA
We ensure our clients only pay for the services and hours they require and no more!
Packages are great, but are not necessarily the most cost-efficient method. Our pricing is extremely fair and determined prior to commencement of work.
Below are some examples of our clients' costs
Corporation Pricing
This client came to us seven years ago and while they have their own bookkeeper, we perform a bookkeeping tidy-up on 2 heavily used bank accounts. This client requires financial statements and a corporate tax return. Typical requirements include:
  • T2 & Financial Statements
  • HST Tax Filings
  • Annual Returns
  • Annual Bookkeeping Tidy-up
from $1,150 /year
Small Business Pricing
Small Businesses
This client came to us a year into having their business and has now been in business for 5 years. After we provided some bookkeeping lessons, this client is fairly proficient in bookkeeping, but we complete a brief tidy-up twice a year. Their requirements are:
  • T1, T2125 tax return
  • HST Filing
  • Annual Bookkeeping tidy-up
Amazon Sellers
Amazon Seller (Sole Proprietor)
This Amazon Seller realized they needed some assistance to get their books in order. After providing bookkeeping training and advice on producing the correct reports, as well as, how to record inventory, they are now proficient enough to keep their bookkeeping costs down and only come to us once a year for their returns. They have grown the business to a level that now also requires an HST filing. Their requirements are:
  • All relevant filings for a sole proprietorship
  • Annual bookkeeping tidy-up
Corporation Bookkeeping
Corporation Bookkeeping
While we prepare returns and a financial statement for this client, they also use our bookkeeping services for quite a number of medium-use accounts. They typically have quarterly bookkeeping and make use of reduced rate offers when available. Their requirements are:
  • Corporate tax return
  • Financial Statement
  • Quarterly Bookkeeping
Online Sellers
Corporate Amazon & Online Seller
This client started out as self-employed Amazon Seller only, and grew to become a full-time corporation.They took some bookkeeping introduction lessons, and are now proficient enough to require only a couple of bookkeeping corrections at the end of year.
  • T2 Tax Return
  • HST Filings
  • Annual filings
Construction - Self Employed
So! When we say this client wasn't organized, we mean they weren't organized! Happy to say, we were able to get this client in good shape pretty quickly and caught up on all the required filings! To keep on top of things, we perform quarterly bookkeeping, and ensure all requirements are met, efficiently and on time!
  • All required filings
  • Bookkeeping