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We wouldn’t be where we are without your help that’s for sure! 

Rebecca M.

Amazon Seller

You are genuinely nice and helpful and recommending you to my students, I will know that they will be in good hands.

Sheryl B.

Amazon Seller

Carmela made the process easy from the beginning. She made communicating my thoughts and ideas to her effortless and made sure I knew exactly what I was doing going forward. At first, a confusing topic for me, I left feeling like I had a better understanding of how to operate my business and paperwork moving forward.

Mitch D.

Amazon Seller

Bella’s Treasure, my eCommerce Side Hustle

Bella’s Treasure was my online jewelry store and my first taste of e-commerce, a genuine side hustle. I love jewelry and I love the creativity that went into assembling my collection and custom pieces like my exclusive Bella Cuffs.

A Taste of My Own Medicine

This experience also made me my own client, acting as an accountant for my own entrepreneurial venture. I incorporated, was using QuickBooks Online to organize my financial records – and vowed to keep them current – just like I urge my clients today.

eCommerce has unique accounting challenges and opportunities

My experience running an online business has taught me the unique record-keeping, income tax and sales tax situation many of today’s eCommerce entrepreneurs face. If you are contemplating your own online venture, I am a rare breed, well suited to meeting your accounting needs; a CPA with experience running an online business as well!

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