The Globe and Mail offered advice on choosing the right accountant for your needs in their article titled “Ten tips for picking the perfect accountant”.

Here are my thoughts on the criteria outlined:

  1. Get referrals.  I am happy to say that most of my clients have been referred by existing clients.
  2. Determine your business needs.  I provide a full range of business accounting services to minimize your tax burden while keeping your finances in control and in compliance.  Please refer to my service list.
  3. Get licensed candidates.  I am a Chartered Professional Accountant.
  4. Determine accessibility. I can be reached by phone or email and will respond to all inquiries within two business days.
  5. Ask what they charge for services. Contact me for a quote.
  6. Get names of other clients and references. I am happy to provide referrals.  I am proud of the service I provide my clients and the feedback I have received.
  7. Ask if they have ever owned a business. My accounting firm is incorporated and I am an entrepreneur just like you. I have also sold online and through Amazon as a passion project and am familiar with the unique challenges faced by online businesses.
  8. Talk about technology. I welcome your interest in technology and strategies that will make us both more efficient while at the same time preserving your privacy.  I can work with you through email, files shared online, and electronic filings with the government.
  9. Gauge risk tolerance. I will work with you to seek any and all legal means to reduce your tax burden while at the same time keeping you on the right side of the authorities.
  10. Ask to be kept in the loop.  I have wanted to be an accountant since childhood.  This is my profession and my passion.  I stay informed as the requirements and opportunities affecting your bottom line arise and will keep you informed as well.  Please sign up to my newsletter for updates.