Here is What My Clients Have to Say…

Carmela Pirillo is an amazing support for my business. She has answered all my questions promptly and effectively, advised me on numerous occasions about aspects of my business I did not know about, and makes sure that I am on top of all my accounting tasks, including invoicing, staff payroll, and taxes! I am so lucky to be in good hands, so I can do what I do best!

Tiziana K.

Richmond Hill, ON

Carmela has always been professional and personable. She always places my interests and requirements above all else. I always appreciate those who can help save me money and Carmela did just that. She was able to find savings and deductions I was unaware of and help secure a larger tax return.

Mark M.

Aurora, ON

Carmela Pirillo is a personable individual with excellent knowledge of her field of expertise. She has analyzed my financial life, and offered solutions that are personalized. This expertise is provided with a smile, which has alleviated sometimes stressful financial situations. She also had made herself available on the 12th hour when I required her assistance. I recommend Carmela to anyone who needs an accountant.

Said S.

Richmond Hill, ON

Carmela has been doing my business taxes as well as my family’s personal taxes with great care and service. She provides an open communication with her clients which allows for any and every question you wish to ask to be answered quickly and simply. We have received excellent results and she makes the whole “tax” thing less painful. Thank you Carmela for your professionalism and care.

Nancy R.

Newmarket, ON

Carmela is very sensitive to all my concerns with regards to my portfolio. Her accuracy gives me confidence. Her trusted skill allows me to run my business with ease knowing that she is taking care of detail that I would have to otherwise. Her follow up skills alongside with her friendly demeanor are simply added bonuses. Carmela is a leader in her field.

Gloria F.

Oak Ridges, ON

If you’re self-employed like me, you understand it’s more efficient to focus on what you do best- and delegate the rest! Carmela allows me to concentrate on building my business and not get stuck with time consuming accounting tasks. I also feel good about referring her to MY clients, as her softer, gentler approach makes the process much less intimidating & stressful. It’s nice to have someone I can trust!

Alex P.

Richmond Hill, ON

Carmela is the best accountant that I’ve had. She helped me form a corporation and has taken so much time out of her day to help me understand and use Quickbooks to help make my business run smoother. I’ve had 3 accountants in the past and none of them have the skill and personality that Carmela has. She always helps me out a great deal and I’ve always greatly appreciated it.

Adam J.

Keswick, ON

Carmela set up my QuickBooks accounting system which changed my management of accounts for the positive. She is quick, very helpful, especially with lots of questions and always willing to come back and upgrade the system. I highly recommend Carmela.

Helene M.

Thornhill, ON

You are genuinely nice and helpful and recommending you to my students, I will know that they will be in good hands.

Sheryl B.

Amazon Seller

Carmela made the process easy from the beginning. She made communicating my thoughts and ideas to her effortless and made sure I knew exactly what I was doing going forward. At first, a confusing topic for me, I left feeling like I had a better understanding of how to operate my business and paperwork moving forward.

Mitch D.

Amazon Seller

We wouldn’t be where we are without your help that’s for sure!

Rebecca M.

Amazon Seller